How to Pick The Best Pressure Washer in 2017

Like most electronics, the market is flooded with brands of pressure washers, which is a good thing because it gives the consumer a wider selection. generac pressure washerYou can get one for as little as $60 and as much
as $500. It largely depends on why you need it.

If your washer is for basic cleaning, then you do not need all the bells and whistles that are the trademark of painfully expensive brands. The average range with reasonably high water pressure and a long hose will do just fine.

Things To Look Out For

Some people might think that purchasing this appliance is a luxury buy, but a good pressure washer can help you immensely in cleaning and maintaining your house, car, driveway etc. saving you lots of time.

First, what you look for, as we have noted, has to be driven by your need. Here are other important aspects that you should consider before you make that decision.

Weight and Size

You will need to bring your washer with you wherever you go, and so you certainly want it to be comfortable to hold. An ergonomically designed handle makes it that much easier for you to carry it to the next spot. That aside, it should not weigh a ton, or it will wear you out. A heavy-sized machine is always hard to lift it, be it up or down, or even dragging it from corner to corner.


The best product is the most expensive. Well, that is just hype to make consumers dig deeper into their pockets. The best pressure washer is one that meets your cleaning needs adequately. There is no point in spending hundreds of dollars on a washer that could be used commercially when all you need is one that works excellently on your car and driveway.

Pressure Washer Capabilities (PSI)

This is basically in terms of the PSI (pressure per square inch). PSI relates to effectiveness in cleaning, such that the higher the PSI, the better the job. A light-duty pressure washer has a PSI of 2000 and below. It is ideal for cleaning siding, cars, outdoor furniture, boats, patio, sidewalk, and trucks. It utilizes water economically but does a great job with the listed items.

A medium duty pressure washer generates between 2000 and 2800 PSI. It pretty much handles the same duties as the light duty kind, but it does exceptionally well with fences, siding, decks, and patios.

A heavy-duty pressure washer will generate between 2900 and 3300 PSI. It can do the work of all the above cleaning but takes it a notch higher at effectiveness. You can use it to prepare surfaces for painting, as well as take on larger areas such as driveways.

Extra heavy-duty-This pressure washer is used professionally to clean a large area and to prepare surfaces for painting. It generates 3300 PSI and above.

Gallons Per Minute (GPM)

The higher the GPM, the deeper our cleaning, and the more effective it will be to reach those deep crevices. A multi-pressure washer lets you change the settings t what works best for you.

Repair and maintenance

These machines are totally exposed to wear and tear, therefore having a place to refer for any breakdown is crucial. Also, you’ll need to consider the warranty period and a manufacturer expert who can help you in case of a break-down.

Other Considerations

The noise level should count for something, no? In as much as the cleaning process is expected to be noisy, it does not have to sound as though you are running a small industry in your home. Electric washers are less noisy than their gas-powered counterparts.

The length of the cord indeed does matter. The longer the cord, the more freedom you will have to explore those crevices and hard-to-reach areas. The nozzles do not matter as much because you can always buy extras to suit your cleaning needs. Luckily, most washers are compatible with standard nozzles available on the market, but best if you stuck with your machine’s brand.

Our Brand Reviews

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