How to Pick The Best Pressure Washer in 2017

Motor oil stains on a driveway. Carbonized cookout detritus on your grill. Slippery mildew on deck. All you experience is times of backbreaking labor applying lots of elbow grease. But, you just want to keep gunk away. With a pressure washer, it can effectively banish the grime quickly. It transforms your ordinary garden hose pipe to a dirt-demolishing machine and a deep-cleaning one. While you opt to purchase one, some intuitive sense on how much power and size you require from the washer. So, here’s what you should know when selecting pressure washer.

What to Consider On a Pressure Washer

Some people might think that purchasing this appliance is a luxury buy, but with a good pressure washer it can increasingly help you in cleaning and maintaining your house, car, etc. saving you lots of time. The most important thing to consider when buying the washer is the intended purpose. For instance, industrious machines and commercials ones will require heavier grade elements, than home meant Washers. You need to evaluate your needs carefully before you purchase any unit.


There’re two options here, water-cooled or air-cooled Motors. As this relates on the upkeep of the pressure washer when in use. Normally water-cooled have higher spec models than air-cooled and has a cooling mechanism around the motor that will cool it down when on use. More than that, this model is durable and has a higher level of efficiency.

Detergent Intake

With a plug n’ clean model there’s a recess on a back of each machine, where you turn the bottle upside down to connect it, whereas other models have a suction tube that you will need to drop the bottle into when you opt to use it.

Water Flow (l/h)

The Flow or LPM, this is the volume of water running through affecting the time it takes while cleaning. The higher the LPM, the shorter the time required to clean.

Pressure (Bar)

Ideally, this is the pressure that pumps the water out, the entry models have 110 bars, that is ideal for car cleaning. However, if you’re looking to use it for cleaning your patio, then opt for the next models up.


You may need a washer that corresponds with your task. Depending on the deck size there’s a choice of the pressure washer that will fit the purpose. Always avoid unnecessary waste of coins and water. A heavy-size machine is always hard to lift it, be it up or down, or even dragging it from corner to corner. On this situation, consider a wheeled pressure washer.


Different outlets have different price tags on pressure washers. Comparing the cost of each machine will help you land on the best. And if the variation is not wide then you’ll need to opt for a good product that worth the value.

Repair and maintenance

Lastly, these machines are totally exposed to wear and tear, therefore having a place to refer for any breakdown is crucial. Also, you’ll need to consider the warranty period and a manufacturer expert who can help you in case of break-down.


Before you bust out the heavy artillery, remember that each pressure washer should be handled with caution. The type and specs of each pressure washer you purchase depend on the use, ideally the best pressure washers found on the market are ideal for medium duty tasks including, the car cleaning, patios, furniture, and caravans.